The staking poules have landed

Delegate to a reliable Cardano staking pool

What the heck is a "poule"?

“Poule” means “chicken” 🐔 in French 🇫🇷

When two french engineers run their own staking pool and have to come up with a name for it, that’s what you end up with!

If you hear us talk about delegating to a poule, just know that we are talking about an actual node running on the blockchain, and not a real chicken in our back garden.

Reward distribution


Why stake with us?


We are 2 passionate software engineers with a combined experience of 30+ years in development and networking. Your stakes are in good hands!

Small independent

You are supporting a small independent pool mint blocks on the Cardano blockchain, helping it be more decentralised.

Cardano goodness

Get all the goodness of staking your ADA on Cardano. Your coins are never locked and never leave your wallet, you can take it out whenever you want, and you will never be penalised if the poule ever underperformed.